“At Rejse Er At Leve”

Today marks thirty-one days until I take the long flight across the pond and spend four months in my – what I like to call – second home: Copenhagen, Denmark! Now that finals are done and over with, I can concentrate on trying to learn enough Danish to feel like a real Dane.

One of my goals for next semester is to blog thoroughly and honestly about my time abroad. So here goes!

Why Denmark?

The answer, for me, is obvious. Studying in Denmark has always my dream. I studied in London in the Fall of 2013 and settled with the idea that I would not make Denmark. But, being stubborn ole me, I took a chance and applied to Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) and was accepted back in October. With a bit of strategic planning and a whole lot of persistence I managed to put together a schedule that would allow me to graduate on time and with an Art History Minor.

But, of all places, why Denmark? My familial ties to the country make it feel like home; My love for the culture and people make me yearn to experience all the country has to offer.

Why would you study abroad during your final semester? It was a difficult decision, I’ll give you that, but one I knew I had to make. Yes, it means I won’t be able to walk come May 2015 but it does mean I’ll be able to cross things off my bucket list and accomplish goals I never thought I would. Am I sad that I won’t walk across the stage and hear my friends, family and peers cheer me on? Sure. But wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to say that I gave up a walk to see the world? That, my friends, is worth missing a cheering crowd.

What are you studying?

DIS has a wonderful set up! Because I am studying Media Production and and Criticism, I chose to participate in the New Media and Changing Communities  Core Course (under the Communication program). I will be taking an assortment of interesting classes in order to better prepare me for a career in media and help me complete my Art History minor. You can find all the links to the courses here.

What about Danish? Sadly, I was not able to fit a Danish Language and Culture course. But I’m not letting that stop me! I’m incredibly lucky that my mom – whose from Copenhagen – will put up with having to teach me just enough to not feel like a complete outsider. Obviously, I still plan on absorbing as much Danish culture as possible while I’m there.

Are you ready?

Honestly, I’ve been ready since the day I received my acceptance letter! There’s still a whole lot of planning, packing (a future post) and celebrating – Christmas and my birthday in early January – to do before I leave. So, for now, I’ll be counting down the days and enjoy spending the holidays with my family.

Se dig snart, Denmark!

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