Getting Around København

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One of the wonderful things about living in Copenhagen is the accessibility of public transportation. Denmark is best known for its cycling culture and its sustainability efforts. And while plenty of Danes do drive – there’s never an open parking spot whenever my uncle takes me out to dinner – it’s much easier to either bike, walk, or take the bus.

I haven’t yet gathered the courage to get a bike but I have definitely figured out what buses get me to and from class. Walking has proven to be the easiest and most scenic. There are cobblestone alleyways that can only be seen when trying to find a restaurant on the other end of Stroøget. There are bakeries that you would never find unless you stumble down the wrong street.

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I do find myself gravitating toward the bus system – 14 and 6A have become my best friends – because it’s much nicer than walking through the cold at 8 in the morning.

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I actually got a chance to try the train this afternoon. I was worried about needing to purchase a ticket and curious to know if it resembled anything like the DC Metro. With the transportation pas provided by DIS we don’t have to purchase a ticket. As for the Metro comparison: Copenhagen’s is much simpler, very cold on a windy day, and a lot easier to navigate. The particular station I was at only had two lines so it was pretty easy to find my way to Nørreport (the biggest and busiest Metro station) and then quickly walk home.

It started to snow while I was underground so I was greeted by a snowy wonderland. Copenhagen has stolen my heart and continues to do so day after day.


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