Castles Close At Two

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Rosenborg Castle was built in 1606 as a country summerhouse. Built in the Danish Renaissance style, the castle has expanded several times and now houses the the Royal Collections and the Crown Jewels!

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Jenna and I arrived at 1:40pm – or 13:40 – got a bit lost trying to find the front entrance. Apparently you can’t get in through the park. After trying ever path and freezing our fingers off, we found the main entrance and quickly scrambled to the ticket office. When we tried to buy tickets, however, we were told that the castle closed in 40 minutes. We debated a moment but were informed that the recommended time spent ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at jewels was about an hour. We decided it was probably best to save the adventure for another time. And that is how we learned the valuable lesson that if you don’t live in a castle you can’t visit it any time you want.

There will be a part two about Rosenborg at some later date. But, for now, here’s a picture of the wonderful summerhouse.

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