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A Lesson In Hygge


Having family in Denmark is such a blessing. I’m not gonna lie: I was feeling very homesick these past few days. DIS recommends that you only speak with loved ones maybe once a month. I obviously did not follow this rule as I message my mom every single day.

I spent Saturday on my own roaming around the Botanical Gardens and grocery shopping. It was all good until I ended up at home with only plans to do laundry. Tragically, there were no open washers. An afternoon of squeezing soppy clothing turned into an afternoon of nothing. While talking with my mom, I mused about seeing if my aunt, Stina, would let me spend Sunday afternoon at her house. My mom came up with the brilliant idea to call my aunt and see if I could take the train that day and leave the next day (today). My aunt was a little surprised but absolutely loved the idea of it all.

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Now let’s talk about trains. If you think that it’s possible to run from Gammeltoftsgade to the main train station- you can’t. I missed my first train but luckily they run every hour. It honestly wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Missing the first train allowed me to ask the info desk what platform my train would even be at. It also allowed me to get a Starbucks – shoutout to my mom – and some general chill out time.


My family lives in a quaint – apologies to my Creative Travel Writing professor –  town near the Mørkøv train station. When I finally arrived my aunt and cousin picked me up and we drove back to their house. It was so wonderful to spend time with my family, eat a home cooked meal, and get out of the city. The next day we walked down to my other cousin’s house for lunch. Excuse the caps, but there was SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. My cousin, whose a vet, had to vaccinate the horses and invited me and my aunt to go along with her. Horses kind of scare me so it was interesting to see how easily my cousin handled them. Most of them were well behaved but the mule was not having any of it.

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I stayed for dinner and my aunt once again cooked a very wonderful dinner. One of the most important things I learned this weekend – or relearned, I guess – was what Denmark means to me. I’ve always thought of Copenhagen as my second home but it’s the combination of geography and family that makes this chilly country my home. A few days before I left for Copenhagen, my dad reminded me to see my family every once in a while. I semi-rolled my eyes thinking that I would never have time to see them. Now, as I type this, I’m counting down the days until I see them again. I know you’re supposed to learn the true meaning of family at Christmas, but sometimes Christmas arrives in February.


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