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Jeg Er Dansk

“I am Danish” 

I had originally planned to publish a post about core course week but what I saw tonight made me think otherwise. I am not going to write about the actual events of Saturday as you can read all about it on Google.

As I write this the tragic event has already slipped from Facebook’s Trending tab. While it may no longer be a top concern for social media it is still in the front of every Dane’s mind.

DIS has kept us well informed and I have never felt more safe in a foreign city.

Copenhagen is a safe city. It is not the lack of crime – or feeling as if there is no crime – but the sense of community. It is seen when mothers leave their children in carriages outside of cafes. It is seen when unlocked bikes are left all around the city. But it is felt when hundreds of Danes march through the streets to pay their condolences to complete strangers.

As I sat at a Chinese restaurant with my uncle we watched as those hundreds of people gathered by foot and by bike. We watched as Danes of all ages crowded from sidewalk to street to show their support.

My travel writing professor asked us if the event changed how we felt about Copenhagen. No, not it has not. In fact, I have never felt more Danish than I do after this tragedy. I may not directly joined the memorial service but the sense of community was palpable even through the window of a Chinese restaurant.


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