Core Course Week

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One of the most unique things about DIS is the fact that travel is built right into the program. Every two weeks students are either given a week off to travel or travel with their core course. This is only possible because of Denmark’s location and how much easier/cheaper it is to travel around Europe.

This past week was exclusively core course week. That meant we spent the entire week with our specific core course. I am enrolled in the New Media and Changing Communities program which looks at how media and communities are changing and affecting each other. We spent the first half of the week in Copenhagen and the second half in Malmö. We visited a whole bunch of companies ranging from a new gaming company, newspapers, and a museum. I graduate at the end of this semester so it was really valuable to see the many ways in which I can use my degree.

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My favorite of all the site visits was Media Evolution City. The company itself is a member organization which created a space for companies of all shapes and sizes to use. Companies or individuals can rent either desks, small offices, or larger offices. The open space allows for companies or likeminded individuals to collaborate and network.

The outside of the building doesn’t look like anything special. The inside, on the other hand, is absolutely beautiful. I’m a sucker for clean lines and colors that pop. It was really difficult to capture a good picture of the space because there are at least three floors and is quite large. I would definitely recommend checking out their website and looking into what they do. It’s an absolutely fascinating way to work that will hopefully make it’s way to the US.

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If you’d like a more in-depth view on core course week I’d suggest you check out Abi’s blog! I’m the one in the red hat.

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