Dreaming Big

This post is way over due but hopefully it won’t be too boring and will make sense.

You may have noticed things around here have changed dramatically. None of the changes, however, happened over night. I had been toying with the idea of self-branding and expanding on content (i.e. new categories, more content). It all started when I received an email from Squarespace notifying me that my account was up for renewal at the end of March. I started wondering – and slightly panicking – if maybe I should switch hosts and if I needed to make my piece of the Internet more official. After a handful of sticky notes and hundreds of Google searches later, I made the decision to stick with Squarespace and put effort into branding.

Then came the more difficult part. I subscribe to quite a few blogs and a few of them use their name as their brand. I had started doing the same simply because I could not settle on anything else. Eventually I decided I no longer wanted to stare at my own name every time I opened my blog. So where did I go from there? I started out with Love, Christine, moved on to Sincerely, Christine then came Little Wanderer after listening to Death Cab For Cutie’s new song. I threw the names around, asked friends, sketched and tested them with fonts on the internet. After weeks of contemplation  and grumbling, I settled on Sincerely, Christine. It sounds more elegant than Love, Christine and more personable than Little Wanderer (which is kind of annoying to type again and again).

Next, I had to consider a message or an about page for my blog / brand / me. I’m still playing around with this but I have been taking notes on what I like about other blogs / websites that I could see incorporating into my own. It’s not easy to sum up what you want your brand to be about when you can barely piece together who you want to be / where you want to be. So, for now, this can be checked as a work in progress.

The third aspect of my re-branding was the layout. And boy am I picky. The trick is to not stare at it too long, which is pretty difficult when you’re fixing it all up. I’m super happy with the way it turned out – even if it is similar to the old layout – and I think it fits more with where I’m going with this blog. That’s not to say that this will be the last major change but, for now, this look will stick around.

I’m excited to see where this all leads and what comes out of blogging and sharing. I’ve never been much of a writer but I’ve always had an interest in blogging. Here’s to dreaming big, taking chances, and trying it all!

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