Shaking Up Halloween


Get it? Because I was Quake for Halloween?

No? Okay, well moving on..

Let it be known that I am not a crafty person in any way shape or form, so the fact that I crafted for my Halloween costume is a feat in itself.

Let it also be known that I get cold super easily, so the thought of walking around D.C. in a dress or shorts or whatever passes for a costume these days seemed like a bad idea.

I ignored the fact that I have no crafting experience and set out to put together my own costume. Obviously I went as Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.’s Daisy Johnson / Quake because she’s the coolest character on T.V. right now.



The costume is made up of a total of four items: a pair of silver gauntlets; pants; a jacket; and boots. The best part? Every piece – minus the gauntlets because they were far too big for my tiny hands and arms – is re-wearable.

The jacket is a basic black workout jacket with yellow string lightly sewn onto the sides. The pants is actually a double layering of leggings with another set of string lightly sewn into the top layer. I bought a pair of soft leggings to act as the base and then wore a pair of previously owned fashion leggings on top (similar).

The boots were the most expensive piece of the costume, but for good reason. I wrestled between buying a cheap pair on Amazon or buying a more expensive pair that would actually last and settled with the latter . These shoes are so freaking comfortable, snug, and have a cool lacing detail on the back. They aren’t over the knee boots, which I was originally going to splurge for, but they worked for the costume and for every normal outfit I could think of.


Batman gauntlets soon to be turned into Quake’s gauntlets.


Shout out to my mom for taking the time to stitch the pieces onto my outfit.

quake-costume-in-process-2 quake-costume-in-process-3 quake-costume-back-2 quake-costume-back

Cue the mega freak out over how sweet and awesome Chloe Bennet is. And in case you were wondering, Chloe went as a grocery bag for Halloween and it was honestly the best thing ever. I don’t understand how someone can be so dorky yet so cool at the same time.


Figuring out what pieces were vital to the costume versus what I could actually pull together was quite difficult. In the beginning I was like, “Oh, yeah, I could make those gauntlets”. Yeah right. I was also super cheap and decided to not spend extra money for a gun holster or belt, which could have been really cool but I was only wearing the costume for one nigh, so whatever.


Do you prefer to buy costumes or craft it all yourself?

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