Weekend Reads

1. Blogging to a sea of strangers could become part of your comfort zone so here are some ways to push yourself.

2. My dear friend wrote a heartfelt post about the Paris attacks.

3. Holidays are super expensive so here are four techniques to save money when spending money.

4. No joke, dog moms have it ruff.

5. Are you participating in Helene and Taylor’s #MyHolidaySpark Instagram challenge? ‘Cause you should be.

6. It’s not a blog post but I am absolutely in love with Estee Lalonde’s 3-minute minimal makeup look.

7. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and I find it inspiring when others share their story and how they’ve tackled the issue. Victoria, who has a PhD in Fashion, wrote a powerful post on how she has grown in self-confidence including how she deals with strangers staring.

8. I’ve read quite a few how-to-blog posts, but Rachel’s¬†post stood out to me.

9. My mom always preaches PMA (positive mental attitude) and Marriane’s post is bringing me one step closer to achieving it.

10. Sometimes you just have to throw all the rules away.

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