The Big Freeze 2016

Thor Snow Storm

Incase you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two weeks: Virginia got a lot of snow this weekend. Northern Virginia does have a reputation of freaking out over the a dusting of snow, but we had a good reason to freak out this time.

My neighborhood alone got at least three feet of snow! One of the biggest problems with that much snow: there’s nowhere to put it all. We’ve been shoveling snow for three days and built mountains with it all.

Anyway, here are some photos I snapped during one of Thor’s expeditions out in the snow. He had a good time up until he decided to brave the mounds separating him from my mom (who he obviously has to be with at all times, duh).

snow-storm-1 snow-storm-2 snow-storm-3 snow-storm-4 snow-storm-5 snow-storm-6 snow-storm-7 snow-storm-8 snow-storm-9 snow-storm-10

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  1. Lauren Maria January 31, 2016

    aww he looks so cute! my choccy loves snow too, we’ve not had a proper amount thoush I’m jealous

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