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Hello and welcome to Simply Christine! I’m Christine, a twenty-something blogger, photographer, and dog lover with an eye for simplicity. I have a passion for travel and good books; a love for open window weather and tea; and an uncanny knack for misplacing my sunglasses.


About the Blog

While the design and hosting of Simply Christine (formerly known as: Christine Florence; Sincerely, Christine; and Christine Florence Photoblog) has changed, the idea behind it has always remained the same: it serves as a home for my passions.

I began blogging as a way to share and grow in photography, and used it to share photos of my semester in London during my junior year of college. When I took the plunge and studied abroad for a second time – this time during my final semester of college – in Copenhagen, I used my blog as a platform to share stories of my second home.

I’m an American-raised Dane so, while I may no longer be living in Denmark, you can expect quite a few posts about the happiest country.

In 2015 I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications with a small inkling of what I wanted to be and where I wanted life to take me. For now, I am nestled in Northern Virginia spending most of my time cuddling my dog, Thor, and dreaming of the next adventure.


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