7 Must See Copenhagen Spots

7 Must See Copenhagen Spots

I’ve been visiting Copenhagen since I was really young and I’ve sort of created a mental list of favorite places to visit. Today I’m sharing that list with you so that you know exactly where to go when you visit my favorite cold city!

1. Nyhavn

How could I not include Nyhavn (pronounced ‘new-hown’) in a list of great Copenhagen spots? Nyhavn is one of the most touristy places you can visit in Denmark, but it’s definitely a must see. With colorful buildings lining each side of the canal not even grey days can dull the site.

Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn 1, 1051 København, Denmark

2. Strøget

When I was little, my family would make fun of me for calling this ‘the pedestrian’, but it is Europe’s largest pedestrian shopping streets and there was no way I could pronounce its name. Denmark does have malls but there is nothing more authentically Danish than walking and shopping these streets. Be sure to pop into a cafe for some hot chocolate!

Stroget Copenhagen Denmark

Stroget Copenhagen

Strøget, 1550 København, Denmark

3. Rundetårn (Round Tower)

For whatever reason, I don’t have an actual photo of the Round Tower but here’s one from Visit Copenhagen. You cannot miss this view from this 17th century observatory! After walking the smooth incline – which, fun fact, was originally used to get horses to the top! – and a few turns around a small staircase, you get this absolutely beautiful view of the spires and roofs of Copenhagen. You can even see Sweden! I’m serious!

Roundtower Rundetaarn Copenhagen Roundtower Rundetaarn Copenhagen

Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København, Denmark

4. Grundtvig Kirke

My friend Paola actually suggested visiting this church and I am so thankful she did. With unique architecture deeply rooted in history, the church soars over its yellow roofed neighbors. The church members seemed unfazed by tourists asking to peak inside, but always remember to be polite and respect service hours.

Grundtvig Kirke

På Bjerget 4, 2400 København, Denmark

5. Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid)

Another obvious must see but I couldn’t leave it out. A little walk from her and you’ll come across a row of shops and, at the very end of the street, an ice cream shop. The best part of this area? This is where all the cool bikers hang out, duh. During the summertime you can sit by the water’s edge and enjoy flødeboller on top of vanilla ice cream or brave the cold and quickly munch on your ice cream in a car.

The Little Mermaid

Langelinie 19, 2100 København, Denmark

6. The Lakes

While not lakes in the traditional Michigan sense, these man made bodies of water make a perfect background for runs, or conversations about the monarchy on Dronning Louises Bro (Queen Louise’s Bridge). There are three lakes: Sankt Jørgens Sø (Saint George’s Lake), Peblinge Sø (Student Lake), and Sortedams Sø (Black Pond Lake or Black Dam Lake).

The Lakes Copenhagen

The Lakes, 2200 København, Denmark

7. The Countryside

Copenhagen is an absolutely beautiful city, but I am lucky enough to have ties to the even more beautiful countryside. In the winter, covered in snow, the quiet transports you to another place of serenity. In the spring, the fields fill with green and yellow and it feels like  a movie. In the summer, the forests feel as if they are a fairytale land. And in the fall, the golden colors of falling leaves are a Pinterest dream. Denmark is not all minimalism and cold. It is full of people that treat hygge as a core aspect of life and will surprise you any chance they get.

The Countryside Denmark

Thank you, Denmark.

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