The Cloisters in Bloom

New York Bridge Cloisters
During my sophomore year of college I took a course titled Medieval Monasticism. The class explored how sacred texts influenced religious buildings, such as cloisters, during the medieval period. If you’re thinking that it sounds like a strange choice for a Communications major, then you are not wrong.

New York Bridge Cloisters New York
Honestly, it was a random choice that I had stumbled upon. I signed up for the class without really thinking about the consequences. It ended up being one of my most challenging and rewarding classes of my entire college career. It gave me the opportunity to dive into a subject that I had little knowledge about and it allowed me to stretch my writing skills.

New York Yellow Flowers New York Pink Flowers New York Pink Flowers
Visiting the Cloisters was, honestly, a no-brainier. A mixture of history, art, and natural surroundings makes this a must-see. It was raining on and off the day I went but that only made the experience a little more magical.

New York Tree New York City Cloisters New York City Cloisters
The Cloisters sits on top of a hill in the northern part of the city. Secluded and from the hustle and bustle of daily city life, the museum is a perfect sight to hike through a forest and indulge in beautiful medieval, religious art. At certain points, and if the weather is behaving, travelers can catch glimpses of the George Washington Bridge, which connects New York with New Jersey.

New York City Cloisters New York City Cloisters
It can be quite a trip to get to this city haven, but it’s a straight shot if you catch the 1. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because it can be quite a hike if you’re not sure where you’re going! I got a little lost, but it was definitely worth being able to see all of the natural beauty that makes up the Cloisters. I cannot wait to visit once all the trees are green!

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New York City Cloisters New York City Cloisters

Do you visit museums like the Cloisters when traveling?



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