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Florida Nature Walk

Florida may only be a two hour flight from my home but it is almost like visiting another world. While planning my trip I had an overwhelming need to photograph Florida’s natural beauty. I have roots — excuse the plant pun — in nature photography so it always refreshing to spend afternoons photographing how light changes as it passes through palm leaves. I’m not going to fill this post, or the next few posts, with words but rather allow the photographs and the video above to speak for themself.

Florida Leaffl-may-2016-blog-1 Florida Leaf Florida Tree Florida Nature Florida Nature Florida Nature Florida Tree Florida Tree Plant Florida Flower Florida Swamp Florida Trees Sky Florida Flower Florida Leaves Florida Leaves Light Florida Tree Florida Leaves Florida Leaves Florida Flower


  1. Angelina

    June 10, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    I am so in awe of how you can make things I see every day living in Florida seem so much more ~magical and prettier than I see. It’s easy to take for granted things you see everyday. you’ve inspired me to try and get out and photograph my home state and overlook how uncomfortably hot and humid it is and just appreciate what I have in my backyard.

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