The Big Freeze 2016

Thor Snow Storm

Incase you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two weeks: Virginia got a lot of snow this weekend. Northern Virginia does have a reputation of freaking out over the a dusting of snow, but we had a good reason to freak out this time.

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My New Year’s Promises

I fall into the category of ‘people who make resolutions but forget them by March’. So instead of falling into the same pattern – as Einstein says “insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – I’ve decided to make promises to myself. Right, so they’re essentially resolutions but breaking a pinky promise is just so much worse.

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Free December Wallpaper

Christmas Wallpaper

I’ve always wanted to create something that others could download and use, and December seemed like the perfect month to start! It was also the perfect opportunity to spread some Danish holiday cheer. God Jul means Merry Christmas!

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7 Tips to Improve Your Photography

7 Photography Tips

I’ve been creating photos for seven years. That’s seven years of bad photos, frustration, and trying to figure it all out. While it hasn’t been an easy road, it has definitely been incredibly fulfilling. Photography has taught me to define myself in a visual way, which isn’t always easy. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without photography, so inn honor of my seven year mark I’m sharing seven tips to help you learn to photograph like you’ve always wanted.

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Thor!

Happy Birthday Thor

It’s hard to believe that this little bub has only been in our lives for three years! Life just wouldn’t be the same without his stares from across the room; deep sighs in the evenings; and toy stuffing strewn across the floor.

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Weekend Reads

1. Blogging to a sea of strangers could become part of your comfort zone so here are some ways to push yourself.

2. My dear friend wrote a heartfelt post about the Paris attacks.

3. Holidays are super expensive so here are four techniques to save money when spending money.

4. No joke, dog moms have it ruff.

5. Are you participating in Helene and Taylor’s #MyHolidaySpark Instagram challenge? ‘Cause you should be.

6. It’s not a blog post but I am absolutely in love with Estee Lalonde’s 3-minute minimal makeup look.

7. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and I find it inspiring when others share their story and how they’ve tackled the issue. Victoria, who has a PhD in Fashion, wrote a powerful post on how she has grown in self-confidence including how she deals with strangers staring.

8. I’ve read quite a few how-to-blog posts, but Rachel’s post stood out to me.

9. My mom always preaches PMA (positive mental attitude) and Marriane’s post is bringing me one step closer to achieving it.

10. Sometimes you just have to throw all the rules away.

Artifact Uprising


About a month ago, VSCO – a desktop and mobile photo editing program – gave email subscribers a free set of 5×5″ prints through Artifact Uprising. That’s 25 prints for only the price of shipping and handling.

I jumped at the opportunity to have my small moments printed for the offline world to see.

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Below The Superficial


© 2011

Social media has been in social media a lot recently. And with it, a conversation about whether or not it’s all a sham. Social media has and will always be what you make of it.

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Welcome Back!

Blogging is tough. Like, really tough.

Over the past month I’ve read so much about how to build a blog; grow a blog; come up with post ideas, that I thought I was going to go crazy. I mean, I have pinned and printed and read and read and read until I could fit nothing else in my brain. I signed up for a handful of newsletters – which is ridiculous since I rarely read my regular emails – and downloaded all the freebies – I’ll be sharing my faves in a later post – but there was only so much information I could absorb.

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Where I Am Now

Normally when people graduate they upload hundreds smiley cap and gown photos. So where are mine? No, they aren’t hiding on my memory card waiting to be imported. And, no, it doesn’t mean I’ll be walking in the summer.

You haven’t seen any because there aren’t any.

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Dreaming Big

This post is way over due but hopefully it won’t be too boring and will make sense.

You may have noticed things around here have changed dramatically. None of the changes, however, happened over night. I had been toying with the idea of self-branding and expanding on content (i.e. new categories, more content). It all started when I received an email from Squarespace notifying me that my account was up for renewal at the end of March. I started wondering – and slightly panicking – if maybe I should switch hosts and if I needed to make my piece of the Internet more official. After a handful of sticky notes and hundreds of Google searches later, I made the decision to stick with Squarespace and put effort into branding.

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Social Media Week

Whenever I tell people that I’m in my final semester of college their first reaction is one of startled confusion. Then follows routine questions: “Don’t you miss your friends? Will they even let you graduate?” Yes and yes. When I began to plan my semester abroad I knew that at some point I would feel homesick. But studying abroad would provide me with opportunities I would never have back home.

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A Lesson In Hygge


Having family in Denmark is such a blessing. I’m not gonna lie: I was feeling very homesick these past few days. DIS recommends that you only speak with loved ones maybe once a month. I obviously did not follow this rule as I message my mom every single day.

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What’s a Dane?

When I explained the true meaning behind to a fellow coworker I realized that some readers may know little about where I’m going to be writing about for the next four months. So here’s a bunch of random, and highly informative, facts about Denmark:

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Hindsight is Always 20/20

When I tell people that I’ve already studied abroad there seems to be a mix of reactions: “You’re so lucky!” or “How was it?” or even “Why would you go again?”. No two study abroad programs are the same nor are the experiences from being abroad. DIS is extremely different from the first program I studied with. In London I had an internship and only three classes. Studying with DIS will be purely academic and filled with sponsored opportunities to see and enjoy Europe as a whole.

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“At Rejse Er At Leve”

Today marks thirty-one days until I take the long flight across the pond and spend four months in my – what I like to call – second home: Copenhagen, Denmark! Now that finals are done and over with, I can concentrate on trying to learn enough Danish to feel like a real Dane.

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